Sheryl Crow Anna Kornikova: blond bombshells with power

By Tadashi Two drop-dead- gorgeous blonde bomb shell   beauties.  If you would add grace, power (voice and tennis serve, respectively) you   would be describing the 2012 Uber Woman, Sheryl Crow and Anna Kournikova.  Sheryl is a world-trotting, memorizing singer-songwriter now residing in good old Nashville Tennessee.  Sheryl has gallivanted across the genres of music as […]

Megachurch pastor and televangelist Creflo Dollar Arrested for disciplining 15-year-old daughter

By DiMarkco Chandler Creflo Dollar arrested? He was chastising his daughter; in other words, he struck her. Was she physically scarred? Was she beat up? Okay, so we learn that Dollar was disciplining his 15-year-old child, who, from reports, was upset because daddy refused to allow her to go to some party. Now don’t forget, […]

Estate planning tips

By Dorothy G Bunce If you have less than $5,000,000 in assets, lucky you! When you die, your property will not have to pay any federal estate tax. Since Nevada has no state death taxes, your heirs won’t have to pay taxes on anything they might receive due to your death. However, if you are, like […]