Princess of Thieves: A Saudi Princess runs up a hotel tab for $ 7.4 million and tries to flee without paying the bill.

By Roy Denish Imagine running up a hotel tab for the tune of $7.4 million and trying to flee with 60 servants without paying the bill. A Saudi Princess tried doing so only to be spotted by the hotel staff, who later called the police in Paris. But the policemen’s hands were tied because the […]

Baseball’s MLB Draft Shocker: Houston Astros take Carlos Correa with Number 1 Pick over Appel and Buxton

By DiMarkco Chandler Secaucus, N.J.—The Houston Astros cleaver management staff pulled a fast one at today’s MLB  Draft as they ended all speculation, selecting the outstanding 17-year-old Puerto Rican short stop Carlos Correa. Jeff Luhnow, Astro general manager said Correa “has a chance to be a star.” The 17-year-old could hit 20-30 home runs and […]

Ron Paul Sarah Palin & The Tea Party seem to be saying How much Government is necessary?

People tend to believe that governments are necessary, but what are the necessities that a government actually has to provide? What happens when a government fails to provide these necessities or does more than it should at the expense of freedom, liberty and independence? Governments are created by the people and can be dismantled by […]