With Tongue Firmly in Cheek

By Art Stevens I constantly hear that in baseball, pitching is seventy to seventy-five percent of the game. I agree with that fully, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. That story is based on pitching, offense (hitting and running), and fielding but leaves out a very important element of the equation, one that although […]

Mother and Daughter Murdered by 22-year-old Man

By Alberto Angulo Bryan Clay, 22, was arrested early Friday morning for the double homicide of 38-year-old Yadira Martinez and her daughter, ten-year-old Karla Martinez. He was initially booked on an unrelated felony child-abuse warrant from an incident in March.  Police said they suspected his involvement in

How To Save Social Security…From Our Political Rhetoric

By Tadashi Social Security is currently a red hot political football. If you pause and reflect on the rhetoric, you will note most politicians use Social Security as a sounding board for their, often, hidden agenda. For example, the colorful (former) presidential candidate, Rick Perry, stated boldly “Social Security is a Ponzi scheme and certainly […]