Fifty Shades of Grey book review

Fifty Shades of Grey book review

By Stephanie Kutner On Mother’s Day, my fiance and I traveled to my grandfather’s friends’ house to celebrate. The women there, ranging in age from fifty-five to seventy, were all abuzz, talking about a book I had never heard of. My ears perked up, “Oh, what book?” I asked, trying to hide my excitement since […]

Drunken Teen Shoots and Kills Girlfriend

By Albert Angulo  Las Vegas Nevada, May 2012: “I shot her because she wouldn’t stop moaning.” Those were the words of 19-year-old Ricardo Perez from Henderson as he turned himself in at the Clark County jail and told police he shot a female friend twice before dumping her body in the desert. Police say in an […]

NASA funded research shows existence of reduced carbon on Mars

Contributed By Roy Denish WASHINGTON — NASA-funded research on Mars meteorites that landed on Earth show strong evidence that very large molecules containing carbon, which is a key ingredient for the building blocks of life, can originate on the Red Planet. These macromolecules are not of biological origin, but they are indicators that complex carbon […]