Las Vegas and the Black Market Peso Exchange

By Paddy The Black Market Peso Exchange (BMPE) is a tried and true method of laundering money between the U.S. and South America – it was used effectively by the Colombian narco-traffickers – and who is to say it isn’t being used by South American drug cartel members visiting Las Vegas casinos and joining various […]

Why Small Business? Investing in an uncertain economy

By Ron Peltier If you have chosen this article and started reading it, you are at least partially interested in starting a small business. Maybe you are committed to buying a small business, starting your own small business or maybe you’re not entirely convinced. The reasons for getting involved in small business are many and […]

Working with a Professional Service Provider

By Dorothy Bunce Even though I provide professional services as an attorney, I have had my own problems when I needed to hire a doctor, an accountant and even another attorney. People providing professional services usually charge by the hour, and their hourly rate can be mind-boggling. Here are some tips to cope with working […]