Why Small Business? Investing in an uncertain economy

By Ron Peltier If you have chosen this article and started reading it, you are at least partially interested in starting a small business. Maybe you are committed to buying a small business, starting your own small business or maybe you’re not entirely convinced. The reasons for getting involved in small business are many and […]

Working with a Professional Service Provider

By Dorothy Bunce Even though I provide professional services as an attorney, I have had my own problems when I needed to hire a doctor, an accountant and even another attorney. People providing professional services usually charge by the hour, and their hourly rate can be mind-boggling. Here are some tips to cope with working […]

The Real Estate Market and the Recession

By Jim Donahue The real problem with the housing bubble bursting back in ’08 was not necessarily because of people who did not qualify for a home loan in the “traditional manner” before they changed the rules for home loan qualification during the Clinton Administration. In my opinion, it was because of the unscrupulous lenders […]