Nokia stock down 12% in early trading

By Big Jim Donahue Nokia Corp, the planet’s top cellphone maker last year, announced on Thursday that it would eliminate 10,000 jobs by the end of 2013. That news, coupled with its warning that the second quarter loss from its cellphone division would be bigger than expected, sent their stock prices reeling. Those layoffs bring […]

What is really wrong with our economy: Consumer Credit

By Big Jim Donahue It’s been more than four years now since the housing bubble burst and the current recession began. Now you would think that in this amount of time, our economy would be back on track. Especially with all of the different stimulus monies spent, the different bailouts, etc. And let’s not forget […]

Living the American Dream

By L.D. Kahn Ah… “the American Dream.” Sounds so nice doesn’t it? So American, just the sound of it brings pride to those who love America. You know, the red, white and blue and apple pie. Now imagine hearing those protester groups and their political supporters, in the media and government, trash this long-held notion […]