Planning out your Business – Part 2

By W.W. Mayes It is my hope for those of you currently in business or looking to start a business, that the information I provide will be of assistance to you. For those of you with no interest in starting a business, maybe reading this will give you a greater appreciation for those who do […]

Dr. Frye’s Prescription

By Dr. Steven Frye’s The War on Drugs is not just a failure, it’s a monumental fiasco. *The US has five % of the world’s population but uses 60 % of the world’s drugs. The War on Drug kills people, not the drugs! * In 70 years our drug war has killed 700,000 of our own citizens, more […]

We’re All Celebrities Here

By Steve Campbell Have something unique, rare or valuable and not sure what to do with it? Well you’ve probably driven by this place hundreds of times and never stopped in. Celebrity Estate Auctions is located at 4355 W. Tropicana Ave, kitty corner from the Orleans and next to the Deja Vu.  This place is […]