We’re All Celebrities Here

By Steve Campbell Have something unique, rare or valuable and not sure what to do with it? Well you’ve probably driven by this place hundreds of times and never stopped in. Celebrity Estate Auctions is located at 4355 W. Tropicana Ave, kitty corner from the Orleans and next to the Deja Vu.  This place is […]


By W.W. Mayes Last week in part one of how to write a mission statement we discussed; what a mission statement is, what your thought process should be in building a company mission statement, and you were given a few examples of real company mission statements. Your “Mission Statement” should help clarify what business you are in […]

Starting a Business / THE BUSINESS PLAN

by W.W. Mayes Last week I shared with you the need to have mentors. The value of having individuals who can listen to you and honestly critique you and critique your business cannot be measured. Even the best and most successful business persons I know, have people to critique them honestly. Remember there is no […]