Teen Choice Awards Pre-Party Shut Down After Fog Machine Malfunctions 22 Injured

By DiMarkco Chandler: 20 people have been reported to be suffering respiratory irritations and burn injuries after exposure to “theatrical fog vapor” at a pre-party for the Teen Choice Awards in Hollywood. The incident occurred at the Avalon Theater, where witnesses on the scene tell nbclosangeles.com that the occurrence resulted in chaos somewhat similar to […]

FBI Sting Operation Recover Stolen $3 Million “Odalisque in Red Paints”

By DiMarkco Chandler: In an FBI sting operation a $3 million stolen Henry Matisse Painting was recovered at the Miami Beach hotel. The crooks, Pedro Antonio Marcuello and Maria Martha Ornelas are in international hot water. In 2000 the 1925 Matisse gem, “Odalisque in Red Paints” was surreptitiously stolen from the Venezuela State Museum in […]