Review: “True Blood” Season 5, Episode 11– Bloodsucking Intense [+ Video]

OK everybody, give it up for “Sunset” because it was about time “True Blood’s writers picked up the pace. “Sunset” definitely injected  renewed interest and provided a big payoff for those of us that have been somewhat frustrated with the tempo of the last few episodes. While there have been a number of weeks that fizzled instead […]

Martin Amis’ “Lionel Asbo: State of England.” Rags-to-Riches Fantasy

British novelist, Martin Amis, best-known for writing “Money” (1984) and “London Fields” (1989), is making rounds here of late to promote his newest novel “Lionel Asbo: State of England.” Depending on the critique you read, “Lionel Asbo” is witty, peppery, topsy-turvy, savage, funny, and mysteriously poignant saga with crisp insights of a fictional rags-to-riches fantasy. […]