“2016: Obama’s America” Pound for Pound was the per-screen average Champion

No matter how you slice it, the conservative documentary, “2016: Obama’s America” stole Sylvester Stallone’s thunder by running away with the per-screen average. If this were a boxing match, the announcer would have retorted that pound for pound this movie was this week’s champion. The $5,940 per-screen average posted by “2016: Obama’s America” was easily the best […]

News of Justin Bieber’s X Factor Appearance Lost When Asked What Body Parts He Prefered

You know Justin Bieber’s fortunes have changed for the better when reporters have to recount an exchange the pop singer had with a fan. Now the Beliebers aren’t a shy group and have been known to frequently embarrass the 18-year-old pop star — even nicknaming his pe**** “Jerry,” back in April. During a radio interview, Bieber […]