Wait Just A Minute; Did Cruise Mastermind his Divorce with Holmes?

By DiMarkco Chandler Has anyone in the media considered the possibility that Cruise wanted out of the 5-year-old relationship? I think not. Nevertheless, think about it for a moment. How could Cruise not have known that Holmes’ had rented a private apartment, fired her Scientology staff, switched to a new cell phone, etc? It may […]

Is Kanye West Jealous of Kim Kardashian’s affection for Iving Azoff?

By DiMarkco Chandler News that Kanye West might be jealous over the affection Kim Kardashian and her family displays towards Irving Azoff when he  is around the family is perhaps a playful rumor, although something has triggered the Grammy Award winning rapper’s public disdain towards his new manager. Besides West’s already mercurial reputation, he has […]