Backstreet is Back!

By Kelly J Newson Not since Backstreet’s 2005 album ‘Never Gone’ have all five members recorded and toured together. Now Kevin Richardson has reunited once again with his brothers the Backstreet Boys. Nick, Brian, AJ and Howie are all happy to have Kevin back and Kevin is happy to be back. Now with all five […]

Viacom and Directv Have Gone Mad

Video Mike White By Ronald Peltier Being an ardent fan of the AMC show Breaking Bad, I was relieved that my cable subscription provider was Direct TV and not Dish. A carriage fee dispute between AMC Networks and Dish resulted in AMC, and Breaking Bad’s season premiere, being dropped from Dish. AMC responded by offering […]

Episode four of HBO’s The Newsroom’s “I’ll Try To Fix You” needs some fixing.

 By Ron Peltier Episode four of HBO’s The Newsroom, “I’ll Try To Fix You” suffers from the same unbalanced tone and implausibility that the first three episodes displayed. At once we are supposed to believe the genius of the characters but still accept the stupidity with which they constantly behave. Further, the series feels rushed—not […]