Claire Dane’s Pregnancy Not Expected To Impact “Homeland” Season 2: Watch Video

Jodi Gottlieb and Confirm Claire Dane is Pregnant By DiMarkco Chandler reported today that Golden Globe Award winner Claire Danes is expecting her first child with 37-year-old husband Hugh Dancy. Danes’s rep, Jodi Gottlieb confirmed the news. The 33-year-old Danes “told People last fall when asked if a baby could be on the […]

Time Machine: NASA Launching MMS to discover hidden portals in Earth’s Magnetic Field

Are We Getting Closer Towards Being Able To Travel Through Time? By Nicole Burgess In 2014, NASA will be launching its MMS (Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission) to explore Jack Scudder’s (NASA funded University of Iowa researcher) new discovery of hidden portals in Earth’s magnetic field. This mission will include four separate spacecrafts working as a team […]