Scientology: Don’t Let Tom Cruise and John Travolta’s Membership Fool You

Dr. Steven Frye Google “SCIENTOLOGY RELATED SUICIDES and MURDERS” and you will find many articles on the dangers of this anti-psychiatry, anti-medication cult. Modern psychiatry has truly miraculous, remarkably safe, life-saving medications and therapies to assist patients with all kinds of mental disorders, especially depression and suicidal thinking. Yet Tom Cruise and John Travolta constantly […]

Teen Choice Awards Pre-Party Shut Down After Fog Machine Malfunctions 22 Injured

By DiMarkco Chandler: 20 people have been reported to be suffering respiratory irritations and burn injuries after exposure to “theatrical fog vapor” at a pre-party for the Teen Choice Awards in Hollywood. The incident occurred at the Avalon Theater, where witnesses on the scene tell that the occurrence resulted in chaos somewhat similar to […]