The Great Indian Actor Rajesh Khanna Had Died From Kidney Problems

By DiMarkco Chandler Indian actor-producer Rajesh Khanna has died due to kidney problems. Hospital spokesman Dr Trivedi says he cannot confirm the nature of the illness. To many in his homeland of India, Khanna was their first film superstar. The actor’s career spans four decades and 150 movies. In 1966 he won a nationwide talent […]

Sam Claflin Cast as Finnick Odair

By Danielle Mason  It’s finally the moment that Tributes worldwide have been waiting for since the first installment in the Hunger Games trilogy was released. Film producer Nina Jacobson has allegedly confirmed that the role of Finnick Odair has been cast. So who is the lucky guy? Drum roll please… Finnick Odair is Sam Claflin! […]

It’s a Zombie’s World

By Danielle Mason Zombies have taken over the world. Okay, maybe that isn’t exactly true, but zombies have definitely permeated society in recent years.  Zombies’ star status is not limited to only Hollywood – they can now be found at the local 5k race. Participation in races like the “5k Run For Your Lives Obstacle […]