The 2012 Olympics Committee Has Decided: Don’t Let The Americans Win!!!

The Worst Rule In All Of Sports History By George Rosado, With the 2012 Summer Olympics approaching, do you remember having a race back in the neighborhood against your friends to see who was fastest? It happened about everyday; and everyday, someone different won and we would argue about it. If we had a false […]

Siya Says, Her Newest Project Will Feature Waka And Meek Mills

SIYA: Born for this! By Kelly Newson, Coming from humbled beginnings, born in California but raised in Brooklyn. Siya fell in love with hip hop at a young age. It was hearing Bone Thugs N Harmony that influenced her to want to rap. Though she was young and couldn’t fully understand what they were saying […]

Batman “The Dark Knight Rises” Falls

By┬áRon Peltier The new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, centers on daddy issues. The third movie in the Chris Nolan Batman series strains under an improbable, convoluted and illogical plot but still manages to generate some suspense and interest. That it fails to live up to the best of the series, The Dark Knight, […]