Three is enough as in years for actress Danica Mckellar whose Wonder Years end in divorce

By DiMarkco Chandler Actress Danica Mckellar, 37, of “The Wonder Years” fame filed for divorce today, claiming irreconcilable differences. Mckellar played the beautiful Winnie Cooper on the ABC show and has authored three books on math. Mckellar married composer Michael Verta in March of 2009 and produced a son. The two split last week and […]

Science fiction author Ray Bradbury died quietly today

By Phyllis Dolinsky He is best known for the Martian Chronicles and “Fahrenheit 451” for which he won the Pulitzer prize in 2004. “Fahrenheit 451” is still a current observation of our Television-obsessed society. Bradbury was precient in 1953 when he felt America would stop reading and watch TV so much that the vast majority […]