Episode four of HBO’s The Newsroom’s “I’ll Try To Fix You” needs some fixing.

 By Ron Peltier Episode four of HBO’s The Newsroom, “I’ll Try To Fix You” suffers from the same unbalanced tone and implausibility that the first three episodes displayed. At once we are supposed to believe the genius of the characters but still accept the stupidity with which they constantly behave. Further, the series feels rushed—not […]

Interview with Karlos Farrar

By Kelly J Newson Karlos Farrar, a Detroit native but Vegas adopted, has been singing since a young age. Coming from a loving and supportive family. Influenced by his mom, dad and Michael Jackson, Karlos Farrar was destined to be a star from birth. Recently, I caught up Mr. Farrar after one of his show’s […]

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 1: Live Free or Die

By Ron Peltier We know, or at least assume, that Walter White lives to see his fifty-second birthday as Breaking Bad’s season five opener “Live Free or Die” shows. The episode’s title comes from New Hampshire’s state motto and not the horrendous fourth Die Hard movie. “Live Free or Die” maintains several of the show’s […]