A CineVegas movie review: Prometheus

By Ron Peltier Prometheus, the new movie from Riddle Scott, has a lot going on.  It’s kind of a sequel to his 1979 film Alien, but not entirely; it takes place in the same time, and supplies some clues as to the origins of the “alien” creature that bursts out of the stomachs of its […]

Facebook losing customer base: Customer service at issue

By Billy Bob Bramscher Facebook may be a social utility that connects people with friends and others, yet if you have ever tried connecting with Facebook regarding a customer service issue, like other frustrated users, it’s quickly realized that, except for a generic drop-down box of predetermined choices with auto-responses, Facebook had zero customer service. […]

Jim Carrey’s love for Emma Stone: A heartwarming video

By Kyra Hall When Jim Carrey posted a video professing his love for Emma Stone last summer, the Internet collectively shuddered in response to the creepiness of a 49-year-old man professing love to a 23-year-old girl. As usual, the Internet overreacted. Emma Stone was not in the least upset by the video and was, in […]