Kim Kardashian Amused by Humphries inability to camouflage subpoena

One has to wonder how Kim Kardashian manages to keep company with Kanye West while the drama of her sham marriage fills her life with distracting interruptions. The process for completing her divorce with Kris Humphries has out lasted her 72 day marriage as Lawyers face of in the courts. Sources covering the proceedings are […]

Reminiscing “Breaking Dawn: Part 2” & Kristen Stewart’s food for thought

It’s been at least three weeks since a flurry of controversy over shadowed Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as well as the final episode “Breaking Dawn: Part 2” of the Twilight Saga. While the scandal has rocked her personal life, her former boyfriend has managed to come up from under the controversy in heroic fashion. […]

Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney are Raged Against by their favorite musicians

Paul Ryan proves he may more in common with Mitt Romney than Romney has with himself. At least Ryan doesn’t give you a 360 degree turnaround when you’ve caught him being disingenuous. Nevertheless, Ryan appears to have put his foot in it when he reportedly stated he adored the popular metal band “Rage Against the […]