We’re All Celebrities Here

By Steve Campbell Have something unique, rare or valuable and not sure what to do with it? Well you’ve probably driven by this place hundreds of times and never stopped in. Celebrity Estate Auctions is located at 4355 W. Tropicana Ave, kitty corner from the Orleans and next to the Deja Vu.  This place is […]


By W.W. Mayes On Thursday, March 29, thousands of Nevadans chased a pipe- dream by clambering to the California state line. At Primm, the line of people waiting to buy lottery tickets was broken into two sections by 6.00pm.  They were divided into a line of 300 and 500. The manager of the store that […]

The Hunger Games

Game ? or a Subliminal Effort to Desensitize Teenagers  About Death ?  by Albert Angulo  I  found myself  on Sunday afternoon, waiting at a movie theater with some reservation and not too much excitement, for one of the most expected movies of the season, “The Hunger Games,” which  is a young-adult novel written by Suzanne Collins that  was first […]