Theron not as fair as Ravenna in Snow White and the Huntsman

By Justine Espersen “Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all?” Charlize Theron will utter these words across the United States tomorrow as Snow White and the Huntsman is released. However, Theron is realizing something new: She may not be the fairest much longer. Theron, who plays the evil queen Ravenna, […]

“Snow White and the Huntsman” Makes Kristen Stewart More Bankable Than Charlize Theron

Review by DiMarkco Chandler “Snow white and the Huntsman” will open in theaters this Friday, June 1, 2012, to perhaps one of the largest movie audiences this spring. Why; well that’s easy, primarily because of its star power. Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth will be amongst the actors and actresses featured; but other […]