Sinners and Saints Revs Up The Violence

By Dayne Archer If William Kaufman filmed “Sinners and Saints,” his neo-noir, hardboiled cop drama, on a shoestring budget and a prayer, then the proficiency with which he films the action says otherwise. Kaufman makes good use of New Orleans’ seedy underbelly, and he throws in more than enough beatings and gunfights to satisfy an […]

Christian Keyes in “Dysfunctional Friends”

By Kelly J Newson Christian Keyes has been acting for twelve years now and has starred in productions such as Tyler Perry’s stage play, “Madea goes to jail,” “What’s done in the dark,” BET’s “Let’s Stay Together,” and recently starred in the movie, “Dysfunctional Friends,” along with co-stars Wesley Jonathan, Stacey Dash and Reagan Gomez-Preston.  […]

The Love Grub Truck

By Frankie Tease The Love Grub Truck is one part vegan hipster, two parts groove, and three parts downtown Vegas.  The truck’s owner Zach Bartlett, stands in front of the truck and greets patrons on this balmy Las Vegas evening.  Zach restored the classic vintage food truck in March 2011, and after two weeks in front of the thesaurus, Zach’s girlfriend […]