The Platters Rocked Las Vegas

By Mike Stotts As part of the continuing RMI Concert Series, “The Platters Revue, featuring the legendary Monroe Powell” performed at Aliante Station Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 29, 2012. The Platters were originally formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1953, and they went on to quickly become one of the most […]

Safe: A Creative, Exciting, and Violent Thrill-Ride

By Dayne Archer One of the best things about Safe is how Boaz Yakin, the director of inspirational dramas (Remember the Titans) and one-time scribe of straight-to-video action movies (The Punisher), gives Jason Statham’s character a reason to keep going when he has every reason to jump off the ledge at which we first meet […]