Forever the King of Pop: RIP Michael Jackson

By Kelly J Newson It’s been three years since you have been gone. It feels like yesterday we were all watching the press conference for the ‘This is It’ tour and watched as the media and haters tried to tear your character apart. However, even in being the King of Pop that you are, you […]

Three-year anniversary marks Michael Jackson’s death, leaving Conrad Murray in regret of not testifying

By Justine Espersen Music fans throughout the world are remembering Michael Jackson’s death, marking his three-year anniversary today. While most mourn his death and remember his legacy left behind, including daughter Paris Jackson and sister La Toya Jackson, some are mourning Jackson’s death in another way. Convicted of involuntary manslaughter, Dr. Conrad Murray now regrets […]

What’s In A Name: Prometheus, the myth and new movie

By Ron Peltier Sci-fi films have long found inspiration in literature and mythology. Many academic articles have been written on the copious references to mythology in the Matrix films, for example. Morpheus, Neo, Trinity, Niobe, Zion and Persephone are just a few of the mythological references in that film. While the new Prometheus film does […]