Dwyane Wade is no Kobe Durant Jordan in Miami Heat win

By Tadashi Perhaps you’ve just finished watching Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat win and you’re wondering where all the excitement you’re used to seeing in playoff basketball is. You’re probably asking yourself, where is Kobe, Micheal or Kevin Durant? Here we go again. Kobe versus Michael Jordan versus Kevin Durant. But Kobe’s father, Jellybean […]

The World of Fashion: Crystal Ball “Uncut” Part 2

By Dock Walls Last week, the Guardian Express LV published an interview I recently conducted with Fashion designer Crystal Ball, a Las Vegan who has distinguished herself and is giving back to the community. If nothing else, it is evident that Ms. Ball is determined to succeed with her “So Crystal” line of clothing. Crystal’s […]

Indonesian Government Cancels Lady Gaga Concert

Islamic GaGa Monsters Want To Party By DiMarkco Chandler  Big Daddy Productions is holding on to hope that the Indonesian Government will allow them to present Lady Gaga in concert. However, it appears doubtful the major event will take place as scheduled. Islamic hardliners and conservative lawmakershave refused to issue a permit for her performance. Media sources from around the world […]