By W.W. Mayes On Thursday, March 29, thousands of Nevadans chased a pipe- dream by clambering to the California state line. At Primm, the line of people waiting to buy lottery tickets was broken into two sections by 6.00pm.  They were divided into a line of 300 and 500. The manager of the store that […]

The Hunger Games

Game ? or a Subliminal Effort to Desensitize Teenagers  About Death ?  by Albert Angulo  I  found myself  on Sunday afternoon, waiting at a movie theater with some reservation and not too much excitement, for one of the most expected movies of the season, “The Hunger Games,” which  is a young-adult novel written by Suzanne Collins that  was first […]

Project X

Project X Mark Pittman Rating: R Runtime: 1 hr. 34 min. With a mere five people in attendance during a recent screening of “Project X,” it should’ve sent up a red flare signal as fair warning that the film about to be shown is an utter piece of cinematic garbage. Maybe heeding the MPAA’s warning, the most severe […]

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