Bethenny Frankel’s Finale Begins Her Talk Show Career with Ellen Degeneres Producer

By DiMarkco Chandler Bethenny Frankel’s roller coaster ride to Hollywood continues. Just as the finale of “Bethenny Ever After” airs tonight on Bravo, Frankel learns that Fox will premiere her new talk show on June 11. Huffington Post reports that “Frankel’s new talk show gets a six-week trial run in six major markets, kicking off […]

Hatfields & McCoys A Must See History Channel Premiere That’s the Real McCoy

By DiMarkco Chandler The “Hatfields and McCoys” three-night mini series premieres this evening and ends Wednesday night on the History Channel, and you can expect violence, sex and a lot of old-fashion drama. The movie is based upon the 28-year feud between William Hatfield and Randall McCoy that began at the end of the civil […]

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni embrace same-sex marriage

By DiMarkco Chandler Actress Cynthia Nixon, 46, was legally married Sunday, May 27, to Christine Marinoni, 45. Nixon, the “Sex and the City” star, had begun dating Marinoni in 2004 and announced her engagement in 2009. Nixon has two children, Samantha, 16, and Charles, 9, from her previous relationship with ex-husband photographer Danny Moses. They […]