Taylor Swift Needs Her Fans More Than Ever

Might Be Involved With Matthew Gray Gruber

  Taylor Swift might be romantically involved with Matthew Gray Gruber, however most people aren’t buying it. They believe that a girl can be friends with a boy without anything happening. Also they were at a party, and they weren’t alone. It wasn’t a  date or anything. What do you think? Did Taylor and Gruber get flirty and […]

Jay Z, Kanye, Taylor Swift, are Victims, But the Biggest Victim is You

Preamble: Are U.S. Wireless Carriers Ripping People Off?

JayZ, Kanye West, Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift and many other superstars have all been victims of illegal file-sharing. The thing is, file-sharing should NOT be illegal.  And, the biggest victim is you. When I first learned of a copyright infringement lawsuit against U.S. wireless carriers in 2010 for creating a system for file-sharing without copyright […]