Dr. Frye’s Prescription

By Dr. Steven Frye’s The War on Drugs is not just a failure, it’s a monumental fiasco. *The US has five % of the world’s population but uses 60 % of the world’s drugs. The War on Drug kills people, not the drugs! * In 70 years our drug war has killed 700,000 of our own citizens, more […]


By W.W. Mayes On Thursday, March 29, thousands of Nevadans chased a pipe- dream by clambering to the California state line. At Primm, the line of people waiting to buy lottery tickets was broken into two sections by 6.00pm.  They were divided into a line of 300 and 500. The manager of the store that […]

Faces of Bankruptcy

By Dorothy Bunce Have ever wondered what someone who files bankruptcy looks like? Does he or she look like the homeless guy begging for money at the freeway exit? Are they young, old, somewhere in between? Do you imagine they look sad, hungry, and ashamed, or are they happy, fat, and smug at having gotten […]