The Christ Movement Downwards

By RON ROLHEISER, OMI There is an Aztec poem called the Ultimate Problem. It runs something like this: In the Aztec design God is in the little pea that is forever rolling out of the picture And all the rest extends bleaker because God has gone away. In the white man’s design God is everywhere but […]

Prophets as Shock Absorbers

Prophets as Shock Absorbers

By Ron Rolheiser, OMI Each age has it own way of defining the word prophet. Today the common notion, particularly within church circles, seems to be that a prophet is someone who challenges the institutional status quo, someone who shakes things up. As such, he or she is almost automatically conceived of as an agitator, […]

Present Conflicts Between China & US Signal’s Unpredictable Sign of the Times

Contributor D. Chandler: We’re at a strange time in history; where sanctions on Iran seems to make their leaders more resolute, while China is simultaneously flexing its might with confidence. Here in the U.S., it appears that we’re engaged as we increase sanctions on Iran and tell China we’re watching their slight of hand maneuvers. Along the backdrop, […]