Taking God Seriously

By  RON ROLHEISER, OMI Several years ago, I attended the funeral of a young man who had been killed in a traffic accident. From nearly every point of view he died in less than ideal circumstances. He was still very young, not yet 30 years old, had come from a very traditional Catholic family, but had, for […]

The Christ-like way to treat our Presidential candidates

By Donald Norris, Jr. Too many people hate, judge, and condemn. Regardless of whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, please do not hate, judge, or condemn our Presidential candidates. For that matter, please do not hate, judge, or condemn anybody. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama may not be the best people, but they […]

Revirginization Revisited

By: RON ROLHEISER, OMI This piece is for all of you who, for every kind of reason, feel less than virgin. Too many of us have been raped, abused, used, or, in youth and immaturity, made choices to let ourselves be touched by the wrong people and now wish we had more virginity left to […]