Rihanna “Love without Tragedy”

Rihanna “Love without Tragedy” – Kelly J Newson If there is such a thing as love without tragedy it has cease to exist between many Hollywood starlets. From Marilyn Monroe to Whitney Houston to the most recent love story of Rihanna and Chris Brown. Love has always seemed to occur with some sort of tragedy […]

No Charges in Alleged cell-phone snatch against Chris Brown; Things Heat up with Rhi Rhi

Rihanna’s Unapologetic spending Thanksgiving with Brown: and it’s “Nobody’s Business” The ladies can’t seem to get enough of Chris Brown these days. First there was the much publicized (and rather vulgar) exchange between Brown and comedian Jenny Johnson on Twitter over the weekend – which resulted in the Grammy- award winning artist to delete his […]

Miley Cyrus’s exploitation of Cobain and Dylan to legitimize career is reprehensible

  Written by Jackson Thomas E-Mail: [email protected]   Back in 2011, Miley Cyrus covered Nivana’s signature anthem, Smells Like Teen Spirit. I realize this has been written of and complained about, ad nauseam, but my editor told me I had to write about Miley Cyrus today, so here you go, boss. In studded jeans and […]

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