Marijuana drug war kills thousands more than drugs

By Stephen Frye The drug war kills thousands more people than drugs ever kill. Our 25,000 gangs now kill more than 10,000 Americans yearly, and our drug war also causes about 10,000 Mexican murders yearly. Thousands more drug war deaths occur in prison where one third of prisoners are dead by age 45. Marijuana is […]

The Clark County Republican Party Central Committee Meeting

By Randy Rose Due to a large turnout, the meeting began late, at 7:35 p.m. on May 15, 2010, at the Silverton Hotel. The Romney folks made up around 49 percent, and the Ron Paul folks made up the remaining 51. The prevailing thought was that there would be a platform fight, but that didn’t […]

Clark County Republican Party Loses Chairman and Vice-Chairman

By Randy Rose Both Chairman Dave Gibbs and Vice-Chairman Woody Stroup have quit their positions with the Clark County Republican Party. They both said they needed more time to spend electing Republicans to office with Team Nevada. This leaves both positions open. Dave was just recently elected to the position of Chairman and was installed just […]