Should President Obama apologize?

By Kelly J Newson It’s absolutely amazing how Romney’s campaign could call foul over President Obama’s statement on Romney outsourcing jobs while at Bain. Isn’t President Obama just stating the facts? Didn’t the GOP do the same thing against John Kerry when he ran for the White House? They attacked him with the swift boat […]

Cats Rule in Talkeetna, AK

By Erin Lale A Manx cat named Stubbs clawed his way to the top of the field of candidates to win a write-in campaign for Mayor in Talkeetna, Alaska. Known for catting around at Nagley’s general store, where he regularly drops in for a nip of catnip from a wine glass, the feline mayor has […]

Progressives Agenda is Real

By Randy Rose Many have said that Progressives do not exist and they are just my own fantasy made up by me. I now have proof. and you can explore the Progressive Agenda at I have included an article from their homepage, but check it out for more information about this scary movement. “How […]