How Gay Is Obama

By Dock Wells If labels test your resolve and commitment, Obama is in for the exam of his lifetime. When the cover of Newsweek declared him to be “The First Gay President” many of his most ardent supporters pushed back and cried foul. “How dare that struggling magazine malign the character of the nation’s first […]

Ron Paul Will Win Their Hearts And Minds But Not Their Vote

By DiMarkco Chandler Ron Paul’s campaign has decided to end his formal quest to become the republican nominee for President of the United States. The congressman has vowed not to spend any more money campaigning in upcoming primary states. Currently he has accumulated 104 delegates, while Mitt Romney has won a total of 966.  In a statement […]

Marijuana is Safe; The Drug War is Deadly

By M.D. Frye Drug abuse is bad. The drug war is exponentially worse. Our grossly failed drug war is much more dangerous and deadly than the drugs. It kills far more people, including kids and teens, and we now have 25,000 drug gangs in the U.S. Their death rate is five times higher than Texas’ […]