Unemployment Drops in the Month of February

By Kelly J. Newson Nevada’s unemployment rate may have dropped to 12.3% in February but we still have much work to do. Despite this drop we still must keep working to get American families working. Let’s applaud this drop but let’s keep working and continue to see it drop further. The signs of recovery are […]

NV Dems Coordinated Campaign Is Bad for Nevada Democrats

Media Contact: Mark Peplowski 702-339-5408 / [email protected] April 3, 2012 Today, Stephen Frye, M.D., Democratic candidate to represent Nevada’s 3rd Congressional district demanded that the Nevada State Democratic Party treat all candidates as equals. “It is unacceptable that our own party would try to limit the choices of our loyal Democratic Party voters. All men […]


By Randy Rose Do you recall the large crowds Obama drew in 2008? Do you remember how the press covered all the crowds Obama drew? The truth is that Ron Paul is drawing bigger crowds and the press is ignoring them. April 4th at UCLA Tennis Pavillion there were over 7,800 people overcrowding the venue. […]