The Common Man’s Party

By Lia King The Democratic Party’s movers and shakers convened at the Riviera Hotel & Casino on Saturday, April 14, 2012, for the Clark County Democratic Convention. As I walked toward the swarm of busy attendees entering and exiting the main convention hive, I noticed an extremely loud buzz of its attendees’ voices in the […]

Zimmerman is a Democrat

By Randy Rose I am perplexed! Why are the Democrats blaming the Republicans when it was a racist Democrat who pulled the trigger? I guess it’s because the Democrats are so good at creating a problem and then blaming it on the Republicans. The fact that the Democrats keep calling the Republicans “racists,” is a […]

Unemployment Drops in the Month of February

By Kelly J. Newson Nevada’s unemployment rate may have dropped to 12.3% in February but we still have much work to do. Despite this drop we still must keep working to get American families working. Let’s applaud this drop but let’s keep working and continue to see it drop further. The signs of recovery are […]