The Biggest Story Never Told

By Randy Rose Imagine if President Bush had released any document that had been forged. Even before an official investigation, the press would be running that story on the front page. Talking heads on news shows would be commenting for weeks about it because he has an R next to his name. When you have a D next to your name, […]

Unemployment Drops in the Month of February

By Kelly J. Newson Nevada’s unemployment rate may have dropped to 12.3% in February but we still have much work to do.  Despite this drop we still must keep working to get American families working.  Let’s applaud this drop but let’s keep working and continue to see it drop further.  The signs of recovery are […]

Open Your Eyes.

United we Stand divide we fall. By Greg Acuna It’s morning. A new day dawning and it is time for open eyes. Politicos, your other face, the one shadows have kept hidden in darkness, is being revealed. Approval ratings for Congress are at all time lows. The vernacular of protestors has permeated the national debate. People stand at their windows with Howard […]