A Note from the Publisher

By DiMarkco Chandler The Guardian Express is an independent newspaper. We lean neither left or right. Our primary goal is to provide a platform for all views/voices as long as they are intelligent, well thought out, fact-checked and properly formatted for a serious print newspaper. We feature a diverse team of professional writers and consultants representing most […]

Letter to The Guardian

From Tom Jones Regarding the article entitled, “The Conservatives’ War on Women’s Reproductive Rights by Christina Arreola, She states, “In a country that prides itself on being the ‘land of the free’ it has become apparent that such a statement does not apply to women and the choices they make concerning their bodies, specifically their choices about reproduction. She then writes about Conservatives denying birth control to woman by […]

The Biggest Story Never Told

By Randy Rose Imagine if President Bush had released any document that had been forged. Even before an official investigation, the press would be running that story on the front page. Talking heads on news shows would be commenting for weeks about it because he has an R next to his name. When you have a D next to your name, […]