By Eric Lageson FEMA CAMPS FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has come under careful scrutiny after Hurricane Katrina. Have FEMA camps been created to house dissenters of the forthcoming “New World Order” – a worldwide dictatorship? These camps (depending on the rumor) are either “indoctrination centers” or “death camps”, similar to the concentration camps built […]

Republican Chris Edwards comments on Dina Titus

By Randy Rose: Dina Titus continues to rubber stamp her support even as Obama continues to go around congress with his Executive Orders. There is a preview of what she will do in Congress just like she already did in Congress before being fired by the people of CD 3. Chris Edwards, a U.S. Naval Commander feels […]

Pro-Gun Cities Have Less Crime

By Randy Rose: The Democrats say we need Gun Control to avoid tragedy like what happened in Aurora, CO last week. President Obama has always said “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste ” he will capitalize on this tragedy by going to Colorado to tout his Gun Control message. Democrats are great at […]