Katy Perry’s “Part of Me” Reveals That Brand Barely Visited Tour

By DiMarkco Chandler Speculation has swirled for months as to what caused Katy Perry’s marriage to Russell Brand to end after only 14 months of union. It wasn’t until the pop-star’s recent interview with the Sun newspaper that we were able to extract a plausible answer from Perry. When specifically asked by “The Sun” “if […]

Claire Dane’s Pregnancy Not Expected To Impact “Homeland” Season 2: Watch Video

Jodi Gottlieb and People.com Confirm Claire Dane is Pregnant By DiMarkco Chandler People.com reported today that Golden Globe Award winner Claire Danes is expecting her first child with 37-year-old husband Hugh Dancy. Danes’s rep, Jodi Gottlieb confirmed the news. The 33-year-old Danes “told People last fall when asked if a baby could be on the […]

Frank Ocean’s gay revelations proves he “Swims Good”

Was Frank Ocean’s song “Swim Good” about his relationship with a man? Video Included By DiMarkco Chandler On July 3, 2012, the raising American singer-songwriter Frank Ocean published a blog post admitting that his first love was a man. In just a stroke of a pin, the Hip-Hop community could finally sigh in relief. It […]

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