Seattle SuperSonics, One Relocation Away

Seattle SuperSonics, One Relocation Away

David Stern said Wednesday that Chris Hansen, no not To Catch a Predator Chris Hansen, and Steve Ballmer and the rest of the Seattle group that have an agreement in place to purchase the Sacramento Kings, have filed official relocation papers with the league. Remember the Sonics? That Logo? The Glove, Shawn Kemp, Detlef Schrempf? […]

Lakers Fail Again, Lose to Thunder

¬†Did you see Kevin Durant just abuse the Los Angeles Lakers last night? Thunderous two hand baseline dunk, three right in Kobe’s eye. It was nasty the things Durant did to the Lakers last night.   The Oklahoma City Thunder punished and embarrassed the Lakers last night, running them out of their own building. The […]

Greg Oden feeling the Heat?

I have always thought that after his days in Portland either the New York Knicks or the Miami Heat would be Greg Oden”s next stop. Both teams have top five offensive talent in Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James. Both have big name stars other than LeBron and Carmelo. Oden wouldn”t be asked to do a […]

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