By Art Stevens Well, here we are again at the beginning of the Major League Baseball season. As a sports writer, that just about makes it obligatory on my part to give you my picks for 2012. I will do that, but let me tell you from the top, my heart isn’t in it. Why? […]


By Art Stevens I’ve been living in Las Vegas for over 20 years. I was at the Thomas and Mack for almost all of the Larry Johnson led Runnin’ Rebels games from 1989-1991. I loved every minute of them. I remember the electricity in the building when the injured Greg Anthony, who was not expected […]

Tebow vs. Sanchez – Round One?

by Art Stevens I wrote last week about the magic of Jeremy Lin in the NBA. Well, I guess you could call the Tim Tebow story that took place this past football season, the NFL equivalent.This is a charismatic young man of 24… very likable… a person with a great attitude who seems to find great strength in his faith; so much so, that his religious demonstrations on the field have become familiar and talked about by every media outlet; so much so, that the ‘Global Language Monitor’ now acknowledges the word”tebowing” (taking a knee in prayer during an athletic contest) as part of the English language. Tim was born in the Philippines, and still goes back there

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