Human-powered helicopter beats record

By Amanda Shore The $250,000 Sikorsky prize was created in 1980 to commemorate Igor Sikorsky, a helicopter pioneer. It has been offered to those that can stay aloft for 60 seconds at at least 3 meters of altitude in a human-powered machine. In 1994, a Japanese team was able to build a human-powered machine. They […]

Northern Nevada is next: Smart meters

By James Turnage NV energy is planning to install “smart meters” in every home in the northern part of our state. There have been protests in San Francisco already, demanding the cessation of installation of these instruments. The complaints are twofold. First, the radiofrequency radiation is believed to exceed FCC limits, a level dangerous to […]

Cell phone laws are not tough enough

By James Turnage   In the last legislative session, when Nevada finally passed a law restricting cell phone usage while driving, I was elated. Several times I had almost been run over in my 1999 Mustang by women driving large SUVs with bumper stickers touting, “my child is an honor student at John Doe Elementary […]