Facebook plans to allow 13 year olds to access its site

Good news for 13 year olds, bad news for parents. The social media giant Facebook is reportedly testing its waters to permit 13 year olds and under to access the site under the supervision of parents. The Wall Street Journal citing unnamed sources ran the story in its Monday edition. Facebook is being used by […]

Google introduces Penguin to curb web spam

By Roy Denish The world’s biggest search engine giant, Google, has introduced a new algorithm update Penguin to curb negative optimization. The introduction would level the field of many blogging networks involved in “accelerated optimization” and link building. Google emphasized that the update mainly target sites that involved in web spam tactics such as keyword […]

Middle-East gearing to fight the “Flame”

By Roy Denish Oil-rich nations in the Middle East are preparing for a battle not with artilleries or heavy tanks but with Cyber warfare against a complicated Trojan bug, the “Flame.” The bug punched holes through the Iranian Nuclear systems in 2010, crippling counter-attacks for a considerable amount of time. Since then, the bug has […]