Molasses Spill in Hawaii Kills Thousands of Fish

Molasses Spill in Hawaii Kills Thousands of Fish

At Honolulu Harbor, Hawaii, 233 thousand gallons of molasses (1400 tons of the sticky stuff) was discharged from a pipe that was later discovered to be faulty. Now, 24 hours later, around the Keehi Lagoon area, thousands of dead fish are  rising to the surface, killed because their oxygen supply was cut off by the thick molasses. […]

Costco Recalled all Frozen Berries Related to Hepatitis A Outbreak

  The Hepatitis A outbreak linked to contaminated frozen berries is now affecting seven states. It affected 60% of women ages two to seventy one. The first five states to report the incidence of the outbreak are Nevada, Colorado, California, New Mexico, and Arizona. Now, Utah and Hawaii are the latest addition to the list, […]

First Pictures of the Eclipse are Already Hitting the Internet

This year’s first annular eclipse, seen in Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Hawaii has come and gone, with the first pictures already hitting the internet. While most viewers will only get to see the May 10 eclipse via the magic of technological advancement, those who saw it by looking skyward saw the beauty of the […]