Boy Found Handcuffed in basement

Boy Handcuffed to Pole Since September Some stories are hard to report, this is definitely one of them.  I’ve heard many stories in my life about the cruelty of human beings, and I have never been able to forget about them.  They make no sense.  There is no possible way I can understand how someone’s […]

AMC’s The Walking Dead: Episode 309 Trailer, Sneak Peek 2nd Half Premiere

Those of us that enjoy AMC’s the Walking Dead are having withdrawals right about now. The mid-season finale aired last Sunday and there are no more scheduled new episodes until February 10th 2013 at 9pm. There is a light in the darkness however. AMC has announced that a The Walking Dead Marathon, airing Monday December […]

Ndamukong Suh buried Colt’s right tackle, Winston Justice intentionally causing bodily harm; Why?

More ‘Suh’ By James Turnage Yesterday the Detroit Lions once more proved they were losers. But I’m not talking about their last second defeat by the Colts. After an interception by Don Carey, Ndamukong Suh buried Colt’s right tackle, Winston Justice during the return. Whether the hit was legal or not was not the issue. […]