Freight Train Derails at the Marine Terminal in Paulsboro New Jersey Leaking Hazardous Material

PAULSBORO, NJ – The Marine Terminal in Paulsboro New Jersey is the scene where a freight train has derailed, dumping an estimated four tank cars into Mantua Creek. Those cars appear to be leaking hazardous material. Emergency crews are on the scene searching for a possible propane leak. Reportedly, 18 people are having difficulty breathing. […]

5.5 Magnitude Earthquake Jolted Neiafu, Tonga, 4.8 hits Japan and a 2.8 detected in Alaska

A magnitude 5.5 earthquake hit – 169km W of Neiafu, Tonga in the last hour. It was the largest earthquake to shake the planet today. Two more quakes followed: a 4.8 magnitude jolted Yamada Japan and a 2.8 magnitude hit Anchor Point, Alaska. No property damage or loss of life has been reported for any […]

Obama faces same obstructionist legislature Abraham Lincoln faced

There are Similarities By James Turnage: Many of us know that President Obama is a “Lincoln Historian”. There are several similarities between the two men. They both began as poor men. Lincoln was mostly self-taught, while Mr. Obama graduated from Columbia University and then Harvard Law School. Mr. Lincoln served as a one-term legislator in […]