Mitt Romney may have involvement in unlawful campaign to suppress potential union

National Mediation Board document show Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney may have been involved in an unlawful campaign to suppress a potential union in the mid-1980s. The complaint leveled by Key Airline Pilots Association was filed on October 15, 1985 under Case No. R-5597. The complaint specifically argued against Key Airlines a company controlled and […]

“Moor Murders”: Ian Brady has revealed where Keith Bennett is buried

The “Cancatenation of Circumstances” it was called by Malcome MacCulloch, forensic psychiatry professor at Cardiff University because it depicted the evil series of murders committed by serial killer Ian Brady and Myra Hindley from 1963 to 1965. Also known as the “Moor Murders” since two of the victims were discovered in graves dug on Saddleworth […]

Oral Sex Declines Among Female Young–Stats Meaningless Until We Confront Fears

Pundits nationwide are under the impression that the national moral compass, especially when it comes to teenage sex, is on the rise. However, a recent study, published by the CDC, covering oral sex (noncoitial) indicate that though teenage male sexual activity levels have not change, female teens and young adults are on the decline. Specifically […]