Where Would We Be Without Obama’s Stimulus Plan of 2008

On Understanding Obama’s Statement About Business Owners. By Jake Holder,  Moderate Democrat for Congress, NV3, 2014.  jakeholderforcongress.com In defense and explanation of what Obama was trying to say.  Please remember, this guy is the President of the USA ! and much much smarter than most Americans.  Of course he knows that business owners built their […]

Palin Not To Speak At Republican Convention

 I AM VERY RELIEVED By James Turnage: I have heard enough of her comments regarding our President and his policies to last a lifetime.  She hasn’t said one new thing since the convention in 2008.  Besides, she has no credibility.  She knows absolutely nothing about foreign policy, economics, or job creation.Sarah Palin announced she would not be speaking […]

Marvin Hamlisch’s Funeral: Celebrated By Scores of People His Music Touched

The Temple Emmanu-El synagogue in Manhattan was filled with dignitaries, movie stars, and just about anybody who loved the music of the late Marvin Hamlisch. The all came out to remember and say so-long to the award winning composer. Bill Clinton and Liza Minnelli, Richard Gere were among those attending the funeral, where Hamlisch was hailed “the […]