Dark Knight Shooting Case – Files Not To Be Released to Press

Dark Knight Shooting Case – Files Not To Be Released to Press

By Nicole Burgess News organizations have requested a lift of the “gag order” in the case of accused Colorado movie theater gunman, James Holmes. Arapahoe County District Judge, William Sylvester is not complying with the request. He has released 34 documents involving media motions and procedural issues in the case. However, he has ordered that […]

Scientist Concern, Massive solar flare storm may occur before warning system is complete

On July 14, 2012, The Daily Reporter published an article predicting a weekend of powerful sun storms. Most scientist accurately predicted that no one on earth would be affected by the celestial activity. “This isn’t the mother of all anything,” said forecaster Joe Kunches at the government’s Space Weather Prediction Center in boulder, Colorado. “We […]

Jesse Jackson Jr.’s bizarreness not caused by drugs or alcohol, he has bipolar disorder

Curious political junkies were intrigued when the Huffington Post recently published an interview they conducted with Rev. Jesse Jackson. Jackson told them that when he visited his son, Jesse Jackson Jr. in Washington last June, he learned the congressman hadn’t slept in three days. What the family thought was exhaustion, said Jackson, was “something much […]