San Bernardino, California Has Just Officially Declared A Fiscal Emergency

Reuters has just reported that San Bernardino, California city council has declared a fiscal emergency. This action could perhaps signal Los Angeles to file for bankruptcy protection without them first talking it over with their creditors. The Los Angeles community could very well experience a decrease in population as many may flee for rosier horizons.

VIACOM! Direct TV Is Right; Let The People Choose

By Ronald Peltier Being an ardent fan of the AMC show Breaking Bad, I was relieved that my cable subscription provider was Direct TV and not Dish. A carriage fee dispute between AMC Networks and Dish resulted in AMC, and Breaking Bad’s season premiere, being dropped from Dish. AMC responded by offering the season premiere online.  Dropping the show […]

Read Mitt Romney’s Lips “No New Taxes,” Returns That Is

By DiMarkco Chandler Mitt Romney has tax troubles of biblical proportions. Today, the republican candidate for president told WBNS that he finds the controversy over his tax records “kind of amusing.” What this statement means is perhaps that in no way, shape, form or fashion is Romney going to release his tax returns. So what […]