So-Cal’s “Plain Jane” Bank Bandit Arrested: FBI

So-Cal’s “Plain Jane” Bank Bandit Arrested: FBI

By Jim Donahue The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and FBI announced today the arrest of Sylvia Helen Garcia, 38, of Downey, CA, suspected in at least 6 recent So-Cal bank robberies. The “Plain Jane Bandit,” as she has been referred to, has been linked to a series of bank robberies starting July 12 in […]


The LVMPD has found that car thefts are on the rise and car owners are giving criminals a hand in stealing them. According to stolen vehicle reports, vehicles are being left running with keys in the ignition. In one week nine vehicles were reported stolen while unattended, running with keys in the ignition. Vehicles are […]

Why I am voting FOR Romney, and not just AGAINST Obama

By Benjamin Gaul: Voting for something, or someone, is always more intellectually satisfying than simply voting against something else. For me at least. Just ask the “Anyone but Hillary” crowd if they haven’t learned to be more careful what they ask for. Historically speaking, most political campaigns have centered around the “Change” theory, and “vote […]