Nevadans React to Internet Sales Tax

By Erin Lale “No!” That’s the common reaction of online shoppers on finding they are paying more when they check out. That was also what Nevadans said to the 2010 Nevada State Ballot Question 3, the internet sales tax initiative, which was defeated by the people of Nevada. Thanks to Governor Brian Sandoval’s directive to […]

Radical Progressives: How Tides Washes the Left’s Money

By Rachel Swaffer In 2010, a collection of the most radical progressive organizations in the United States received a total of $113,900,000 in charitable donations, all stemming from one foundation: Tides– the grant-making non-profit that has been taking care of liberals’ dirty laundry for over 35 years now, helping obscure the money trail to radical activist organizations. Tides’ […]